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With various products and services to choose from, this page will help clarify what to expect with each option.


Lucita_White Andalusian.jpg

Non-commissioned drawings are created on Acid-free art paper using either white or black and white charcoal. Most are done in standard sizes to make framing more convenient. Fixative is not standardly used because it tends to dull the brightness and detail. However, if you purchase a piece and wish to have it sprayed, it can be applied.

  • Non-commissioned drawings vary from $175 - $250

  • Price varies based upon size, difficultly of subject, etc.

  • Shipping or hand delivery is available depending on location. As these are one-of-a-kind pieces, they must be handled very delicately to avoid damage. Additional charges may apply.

  • Contact us directly for specific availability and pricing. 


Really like a drawing but the original has been sold? Not in a position to purchase an original drawing? That's ok! 
Fine art reproductions of the drawings are available. Prints are limited. Each is numbered and signed.
Starting at just $50, prints are an economical way to add a piece to your collection. 

Visit our SHOP page to see what prints are currently available for purchase!


Baby Portrait.jpg

Ready to commission a custom piece? Outstanding! Sarah has 10+ years of experience doing portraiture of people & pets, livestock & wildlife, renderings of various types of architecture, you name it. Clear, high resolution photos are required to use as the reference image(s). Grey paper is typically used when doing people. Other subjects may be produced on grey, black, or a specific color of the client's choosing (per artist approval).

PLEASE NOTE: The following pricing breakdown is to be used as a guideline ONLY. Each commissioned piece comes with it's own challenges and expectations, and must therefore, be priced accordingly. Pricing and terms are settled with clients before any work is started. If you wish to obtain information on commissioning a custom piece, please visit the CONTACT page to fill out the form. 


8" x 10"

9" x 12"

11" x 14"

11" x 17"

12" x 18"

16" x 20"

18" x 24"

(largest available size)


























+$50 Each

+$50 Each

+$50 Each

+$75 Each

+$75 Each

+$100 Each

+$100 Each

*Note: While these are some of the standard/popular artwork sizes, we can produce drawings any custom size up to 18" x 24"
because that is the paper size limit. We can gladly quote any custom size that you would like produced. 


Need help from a graphic designer? You've come to the right place! 

We charge a rate of $40 per hour for design work. 
We can provide full pricing and timeline quotes per design request. 

Contact us below if you wish to receive a quote for a design job.

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